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Join G NAT at the Good Earth Home Show, January 24 to 26

The Green Neighbors Action Team – G NAT is gearing up for the Good Earth Home Show, January 24 to 26 at the Lane County Event Center – aka, the Fairgrounds.

Here is the schedule

We have a very nice working relationship with the Home Show.  They provide us with a generous space and we have a great opportunity for outreach to the public.  Typically, we have table top displays about going local and green.  We invite community partners to join us with displays and volunteers.  We also plan to have ten to twelve presentations at our location, complete with audio visual, chairs and great information for you about greening your home and neighborhood.

So check back for more info.  We will have our presentation schedule set in early January.


The NLC COS – now known as the Green Neighbors Action Team – G NAT -  is a group of Eugene residents with a care for the health and well being of the natural world and community.

We have recently changed our name to GNAT – Green Neighbors Action Team. Pronounced G Nat.  Our mission remains the same.
We are a sub committee of the Neighborhood Leaders Council [see below].  Each member of the group is recognized as representing her/his respective neighborhood association.
The COS has been active for over five years and is best known for organizing green bike tours during the summertime.  Over the past five years, we have lead over 35 bike tours in ten of Eugene’s neighborhoods, with over 500 people attending.  We also organize the Green Neighbors Fair and are regulars at the Good Earth Green Home Show.

We invite new members.  There is plenty to do and new ideas for greening Eugene are welcome. Please contact us. Finally, please inquire  about our speakers bureau.  We can address many issues and topics, especially of interest to greening the neighborhood.


The Eugene Neighborhood Leaders Council (NLC) is an all volunteer, non-governmental, advocacy organization focused on making Eugene a great place to live by strengthening Eugene neighborhoods.  The charge of the NLC Committee on Sustainability is threefold: 1) to provide a city-wide forum for the exchange of ideas and recommendations for more sustainable practices within neighborhoods; 2) to create recommendations for implementing such practices that can be distributed to all neighborhood associations as well as to the NLC; and 3) to foster connections among the NLC, neighborhood associations and community groups for promoting sustainable practices.

May this site help with the exchange of ideas and help foster connections in Eugene and the larger community.

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NE Tour

Hi and Thanks for your interest!!

Here are some notes that will help organize our thinking.

Conference Call -

This event and presentation is just as much about promoting urban homesteading, sustainability skills and permaculture in Providence as it is about hearing/seeing some great stories from Eugene.

Who is here?  Where do you live?

What organizing experience do you have?

What would you like to do?

Sequence of going from now to an event.

1] Identify people who would like to help

2] Identify tasks and who will do them

3] Locate a venue

4] Create a program – what’s gonna happen – a] groups tabling b] short talks by others

5] Publicity – contact other groups, radio/print calendars/psas, other social networking sites, calendars, radio interviews, make a flyer

6] Help at the event, set up, manage, clean up

7] Follow up, tour, seminar,,,,,,

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